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Computer-Based Testing Services

Computer-Based Testing Services (CBT) administers national standardized examinations to assist students in their pursuit of educational and professional goals. CBT services also provide information for faculty and staff members who are assisting students in reaching the next level of academic success.

CBT staff is committed to:

  • ProfessionalismNCTA logo
  • Responsiveness
  • Thoroughness
  • Accessibility
  • Friendliness

Testing procedures

  • Promotes honesty, integrity and fairness
  • Protects the integrity of the testNPN logo
  • Maintains the confidentiality and rights of privacy of examinees and staff

Testing Information: 

  • Cost: Basic fees
    • $68.00 for the ACT without Writing
    • $93.00 for the ACT with Writing
    • (other charges may apply)
  • Length of test: 3.5 hrs.
  • Paper and pencil exam.
  • Given on Saturdays in October, December, February, April, and June.
  • Valid ID required -- must match name on registration.
  • Standby testing is allowed, but not guaranteed.
  • All paperwork must be filled out in advance.
  • Registration through the testing company is required: (
  • Click here for more info on the ACT.
  • Cost: $75
  • Length of test: 3.5 hrs
  • Only for admission - Scores only reported to Mississippi State University
  • You must wait a minimum of 60 days before retesting. If 60-day limit is violated, the retest scores will be cancelled by ACT and there will be no refund.
  • Valid ID required - must match name on registration.
  • Approved calculators allowed (
  • Click here for more info on the ACT On-Campus

For more information, contact CLEP Services at 1-800-257-9558 or For questions about the site registration fee contact us at (662) 325-6610.

Follow the steps below to register and pay for your CLEP exam:

  1. Proceed to the CLEP website to complete registration and pay the exam fee. Please register with the name on your official valid ID.
  2. Submit the $23 test center fee via the registration site.
  3. Print a Registration Ticket as proof of payment. The ticket will include a Ticket ID (used with iBT) and a Voucher ID (used with eCBT).
  4. The Registration Ticket MUST be presented during check-in at the test center.
  • The CLEP test fee is a total of $116 with two separate payments.
    • Service Fee of $23 is paid online and is non-refundable.
    • The Test Fee of $93 is paid online to CLEP.
  • Tests are offered Monday and Tuesday at 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm; and Friday at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
  • Each CLEP test is 90 minutes long.
  • You can take each subject once every 180 days.
  • It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for your score to get to your institution.
  • You will get a printout of your scores the same day you take your test to know if you get credit or not for that class.
  • MSU does not accept all CLEP exams. It is your responsibility to check with your department and Registrar's office to be sure the exam you want is acceptable (662-325-2022).
  • valid driver's license, passport, or photo ID with signature is required - must match name on registration (student IDs are not acceptable for ID purposes).
  • Mississsippi State University Credit for CLEP Exams
  • Scratch paper and pencils are provided and no calculators are allowed.
  • Click here to purchase study guides for each area or for all 35 exams.
  • Click here for more info on CLEP and Military CLEP
Click here for a printable FAQ about Distance Exam Proctoring.
  • Register Online
  • ESCO

    • CBT registration/Fees:
    • Select  "Distance Exam Proctoring". You should select and pay for a 2 hour appointment ($23). You will be instructed to fill out some basic demographic information and to send an email to an email address provided during registration. For Exam Institution, you would indicate ESCO.
    • The exam is generally two hours long. The ESCO exam fee is $35 dollars. You will pay the ESCO exam fee at the testing center.

  • PST :: Public Safety Testing

    • To pay sitting fee for MSU:
      • Step 1: You will register with us for distance testing (3 hrs).
        • Information for setting up appointment for a distance exam can be found at the following link: Distance Exam Info 
      • Step 2: send a form to we will complete and mail to have the exam sent
      • Step 3: I will confirm a date from the two choices you send.
      • Step 4: They will send your test information to us to administer the exam.


  • Cost: $275
  • Length of test: 4.5 hrs.
  • Computer based exam.
  • Offered by appointment.
  • All fees payable at time of registration.
  • Valid ID required -- must match name on registration.
  • Click here for a GMAT printable FAQ about the test.
  • What to Expect
  • Registration must be made by internet, phone, or mail.
  • Cost: $220
  • Length of test: 4.5 hrs.
  • Computer based exam
  • Offered by appointment
  • All fees payable at time of registration -- no cash.
    • Credit card required for internet or phone registration.
  • Valid ID required -- must match name on registration.
  • Click here for a GRE printable FAQ about the test.

Testing "Step by Step"

Application and Testing Procedure:

  1. Apply with the Bureau of Plant Industry online at
  2. Wait to receive your email from the Bureau of Plant Industry approving you to test.
  3. Visit  exam or call: 877-533-2900.
  4. Payment of $55 per test (admin fee) may be made via check, Visa, MC, AX, or PayPal.
  5. Mail checks to Metro Institute, 331 N First Ave, Ste 100, Phoenix, AZ 85003 (Exams cannot be scheduled until payment is received)
  6. If you cannot make your exam appointment for any reason, you may reschedule at no charge within 24 hours' notice.
  7. Don't forget: You must bring your Government issued valid photo ID to the testing site. You will not be allowed to test without your photo ID.
  8. All exams are closed book and proctored.

 For customer support call toll-free 877-533-2900

  • Cost: $245
  • Length of test: 4 hrs.
  • Computer based exam
  • Offered by appointment on fixed dates.
  • Credit card or check required for registration.
  • Valid passport required -- must match name on registration.
  • Click here for a TOEFL FAQ about the test.
  • Registration through the testing company is required.

Testing Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Contact Information:

Computer-Based Testing Services
375 College View Street, Suite 12
Starkville, MS 39759

MSU Mail Stop: 9747

Phone: 662.325.6610