Assessment [ functions ]

The Mississippi State University Division of Student Affairs Office of Assessment will be responsible for the following:

  • To support the mission of the Division of Student Affairs in division-wide strategies and initiatives, including implementation of the Division's Strategic Plan
  • To coordinate and implement a strategic plan for assessment and program review
  • To work with the Assessment Team to provide leadership on assessment and program review for the Division of Student Affairs
  • To promote and implement ethical principles and standards of good practice in assessment and program review
  • To expand and enhance professional continuing education and development opportunities on assessment for staff in the Division of Student Affairs
  • To collaborate/consult with Student Affairs departments, staff members, and other groups or individuals in developing and implementing assessment and research projects and to disseminate information related to these projects
  • To develop partnerships with departments on campus such as Institutional Research, the Social Science Research Center, departments in social and behavioral sciences and education
  • To provide assistance for Student Affairs departments in research methodology, instrument development, and data collection and analysis
  • To establish an assessment internship for graduate students by partnering with social and behavioral science/education programs to give students experiences in assessment
  • To develop reports and presentations on national survey data collected at MSU